How does the SharePoint MUI Starter Kit works?

You won't create a page per language. The content for all languages is stored in the same page, but in different site columns. Currently there are two page fields in the solution: the title and the PublishingPageContent. Pages are based on a custom page layout, with custom editing controls on it. While editing the page, these controls shows a tab control and allows the author to edit the content for each language.
When the page is displayed, only the current language is shown to the user.

Which is the current language?

The current language is get from SharePoint out of the box MUI.

How do I add the support for further languages?

  1. Make sure you have installed the appropriate language pack.
  2. Get the locale id from this list
  3. Create a site column with locale id as suffix for PublishingPageContentlocaleid and Titlelocaleid (like PublishingPageContent1033 and Title1033).
  4. Add the newly created site columns to the content types MuiWelcomePage and MuiArticlePage.

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