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Project Description
The SharePoint MUI starter kit offers some additional multilingual features to Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

With this starter kit can build multilingual intranet without using SharePoint variations. It is easily customizable with SharePoint Designer.

It's implemented as a Visual Studio 2010 solution with features, web templates, etc. in C#.

SharePoint variations is a great feature for Internet publishing sites. In an Intranet scenario, this has some drawbacks: due the fact there is a site structure per language, you have to store a lot of data (files, SharePoint list data) once per language.

The SharePoint MUI starter kit is based on a different approach: The translated content is stored in separate columns within the same SharePoint page and this within the same site. This starter kit allows you to build your multilingual SharePoint Intranet with just one site structure.


  • Publishing content types with separate columns per language.
  • Content editing controls showing a tab per language in edit mode.
  • Alternative language support if no content is available for the current language.
  • Language switcher web part.
  • Site collection and web template to start build up your MUI Intranet.
  • Supported languages are German, English, French and Spain. See the FAQ if you want to add other languages.

Quick Start

  1. Download and install SharePoint language pack for each language you want to use.
  2. Download the WSP and deploy it to your farm.
  3. Activate the farm feature "isolutions MUI Site Collection Templates".
  4. Create new site collection using the "Multilingual Intranet Site" site template.
  5. Add alternate languages in the Site Settings.

A more detailed description will follow in a few days.

References and links

This code is part of the isolutions WCM framework For more information visit our blog under

I would like to say thank you to Vesa "vesku" Juvonen for this introduction to the web template SPI

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